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Summer Skin Care Tips for the Glowing Golden Skin

Date Added: July 17, 2011 06:25:21 PM Author:

Summer is the best time to flaunt your wardrobe and your beautifully toned skin. So we all wish. Summer bares it all and if you have bad skin there is no more hiding. So while you still have time why not look after your skin, make it better by the time summer knocks on your door.

Just follow some of the tips we present here and you’d be ready to give that best summer dress a go when the time comes.

Get Rid of the Dead Skin- Exfoliate

Most people do not realize the fact that our skin replaces itself every 28 days. In simple terms that means we have a completely new skin every four weeks. Now this doesn’t happen overnight. The top layer of the skin called Epidermis looses some skin cells every day in fact every minute some skin cells are dying and new ones taking their place.

Now, how that affect the glow and health of our skin you might wonder? The dead skin cells that are not removed naturally from your skin get clogged there and create a lot of issues including acne  and blackheads. So, we need to get rid of these dead skin cells. Exfoliation is what’s this process is called. Use a gentle exfoliate with smooth washcloth and make it a regular habit of remove those dead cells hiding your new baby skin underneath.

Get A New Sunscreen Lotion

We all know the fact the sun is a big threat to our gentle skin. Not only does sunlight trigger increased melanin formation but also the UV rays affect the dermis, which is a top layer of our skin. Now, most sunscreen lotions come in huge bottles and there is a strong possibility that you have one left from last summer. Throw away the old sunscreen and get a new one as they have very short use-by date. All you need is a shot glass full of lotion for your entire body.

Look After Your Feet

During the tough months of winter our feet are mostly inside heavy boots and warm socks. When the summer comes knocking all the soars and boot burns show up. It’s time to show off your feet in summer so got to clear up your feet. Get a good pedicure and light them up.

Keep Your skin Hydrated

Summer requires less oily and light hydrating lotions as opposed to winters. So, find a good oil-free lotion that helps your skin to be hydrated at all times. Better if you keep it with you all the time.

Do your Shaving Right

During winters most women go light on shaving as the stockings and leggings hide your legs. Summer comes and its time for your razors to come out. Throw away old stuff get a soft new razor. Find a hydrating shave gel. Do not use men’s creams or lotions.


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